This is a technique to mobilize the body's healing process by stimulation of reflex zones and points located on the feet, hands, face, tongue, ear or nasal cavity.

The various systems that compose the human body (respiratory, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, urogenital, etc.) are represented on these reflex areas. They are stimulated by exercising sustained pressure with the fingertips or a stylus in the case of auriculotherapy and endo-nasal reflexology. This manipulation allows you to "connect" with the organ corresponding to the reflex area treated and locate the possible tensions or imbalances, whether physiological, psycho-emotional, mental or energetic. This gives both a relaxing effect, revitalizing and harmonizing.

SympaticotherapyThus, reflexology can be applied to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, mobilize toxins and impurities (reflex points of Knap), stimulate the excretory organs, regulate the nervous system and promote homeostasis. In addition, it improves muscle overload and musculoskeletal, hormonal imbalances, disorders caused by stress (headache, migraine, congestion...), the digestive, respiratory, urinary discomfort, etc. Even if it is a safe therapy, it requires special care during the first three months of pregnancy and, when in doubt, consult a good therapist.

Reflexology is above all a preventive technique that allows the body to find its balance and free flow of vital energy in all its plans. It can perfectly be combined with other therapies.


* Reflexology does not exclude nor does not replace any medical or pharmacological care.



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