Today, rare are those willing to make a fast, either by the context (lifestyle, stress, lack of information...) or lack of motivation. In addition, fasting should be practiced in an appropriate and accompanied by an expert.

An alternative to fasting is the mono diet, which consists of eating only one food at a meal or for a half day or full day or more if necessary, respecting a maximum of three days to avoid the appearance of major healing crisis and unpleasant. A healing crisis is a reaction of our body to eliminate toxins and can manifest with headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, pimples, etc., depending on the level of accumulated toxins, the emunctories state and vitality of each person.

So you can replace a classical dinner for apples or other seasonal fruit. Or in the period of the grape you can make a mono diet one day a week, for example. In winter a mono diet of broth or vegetable soup (no fat) or cereals such as rice or buckwheat is preferable. The amount of food eaten must be correct in order to avoid frustration, but without excess. During the practice of a mono diet we will prevent the consumption of sugar, alcohol, coffee and other beverages exciting, as well as tobacco. Moreover, the logic would be that the food consumed is organic in order to avoid contamination of the body by pesticides and other chemical additives fongicidas.

The practice of mono diet provides numerous health benefits, mainly the rest of the digestive system, reducing the waste of vital energy, which could be used to protect or improve the status of another of our organ systems. There is also energy save at level of nervous and glandular systems, a cleaning of the whole digestive system, relief from liver and kidney functions, regularization of bowel movements and regeneration of tissues and the functions disturbed in mono diet for long.

Drop The ultimate goal of the mono diet is to purify the blood so it can move freely, to nourish our cells and free them from the different metabolic waste.

Your body will know indicate you the time, rhythm and food to choose to carry out a mono diet. You just have to listen!



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