The intestinal flora consists of a total of 1014 bacteria of different species distributed throughout the digestive tract, those being numerous in the small intestine and much more abundant in the colon.

Among its many roles, the intestinal flora increases the absorbing surface of the intestinal mucous membrane, standardizes the intestinal transit time, synthesizes the vitamins B1, B6, B9, B12, PP, H and K, neutralizes the biliary acids, cholesterol and the carcinogenic nitrosamines, finalizes the digestion of glucids, supports the absorption of calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and copper, prevent the establishment of undesirable exogenic bacteria, supports the maturation of the lymphoid intestinal system (Peyer plates, immunoglobulins), thus taking part in general immunity, etc…

The intestinal flora is destabilized seriously by the infections, the antibiotherapies and chemotherapies, the laxatives, corticoids and other drugs, the changes abrupt in the food or of the climate, the parasitoses and mycoses, the surgical treatments of the digestive system, the prematurity, spasmophilia and diarrheal episodes. It is also disturbed in a chronic way by the stress, the constipation, sedentariness, an innate or acquired immunizing insufficiency, a devitalized food, the deficiency of vegetable fibre, incorrect food associations, the chronic inflammatory diseases (diverticula, colopathies, Crohn, dents,…) and “bad digested” emotional conflicts.

Happy belly Thus, the direct consequences of a disturbed flora are: constipation, diarrhea, gastro-enteritises, gas, distensions, fermentations, putrescences and hepatic extra work (a correct flora has an antitoxic capacity equal to that of the liver, but deteriorated, the flora returns to the liver an extra of important work). And indirectly, a deteriorated intestinal flora can give place to an intestinal chronic ignition and functional, turbid colopathies of the intestinal permeability, establishment of undesirable bacteria, bad breath, weakening of the immune system, rise in the cholesterol level, degradation of the arthritic ground, installation of Candida albicans, worms intestinal and other autoimmune amoebas, pathologies (lupus, thyroiditis, Crohn, multiple sclerosis,…).

Let us take care of our intestinal flora, because its balance constitutes invaluable but unstable ecosystem.


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