Naturopathy is an everyday way of life to maintain the best health.

Naturopathy is the science that studies, teaches and applies the laws of biology in the service of the quality of life of individuals. Followed by the term "holistic" (from the Greek holos, meaning whole), naturopathy expanded his vision to the whole man, considering all levels of its component, that are, physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Very close to the Ancient Traditions, naturopathy is based primarily Hippocrates (aprox. 460-360 BC). Modern naturopathy was formed in the United States by John Scheel, and Benedict Lust in the late 19th century, then in France in the 1940s with the biologist Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau (1911-1994) who made the synthesis of the work of many hygienists in North America and Europe. The European Union ranks among the naturopathic non-conventional medicine and the World Health among traditional medicines.

Naturopath is a health educator who seeks to maximize the overall health of the individual wishing to take charge himself. When the disease is established, the professional accompanies whenever possible Hippocrates called the "inner physician" (natura medicatrix), that is to say, the vital energy or, in other words, the natural processes of regeneration and self-healing that has the organism.

Rice saladNaturopathic advice are part of an active primary prevention, making use of natural elements (food, water, air, sun, earth, etc.) under the laws of common sense and logic found in the humoral theory and the causality. The first benefit of this approach is to improve the quality of life, combined with the optimization of all human resources: biological (immunity, vitality) or psychological (creativity, personal development), for example.

The visit to the naturopath begins with a comprehensive questionnaire and a vital checkup based on morphopsychology, iridology and Chinese pulsology, to name just some of the sciences on which naturopathy is based, and which will help determine the constitution, temperament and the vital energy of the consultant.

Then it will be offered a individualized vital health program based on the naturopathic techniques that aim to preserve and improve the overall health of the individual, and its quality of life. These techniques are alimentation (nutrition and dietetics), the neuropsychological health (stress management, emotions, relaxation...), exercise, breathing, hydrotherapy, manual techniques, reflexology, the use of plants (phytotherapy and aromatherapy), energizing and vibrational techniques.

VitruviusThus, naturopathy is for all people who are healthy and want to know how to keep it and for those with acute and chronic disorders and whose vital energy is still enough to take action and improve their quality of life.

“Health in man is a given state by nature, which does not use foreign agents, but a certain harmony between the mind, the vital force and physical development of humours." Hippocrates.


The purpose of this website is to inform, guide, encourage mental opening and help to become aware of what health really is and how we can preserve or recover it in a holistic way, assuming that each person is responsible for their own health and recovery.

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