Desmodium adscendens (also called D. procumbens) is a biennial herbaceous plant of the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) native Equatorial areas of Africa and America, but much larger tropical African coast, where you can find in the wild.

This plant is used by African traditional healers to treat various liver disorders, like jaundice or viral and toxic hepatitis, and even liver damage. In Venezuela, for cons, Desmodium was used against epilepsy. In all cases, we use the aerial part of the plant with stems, leaves and flowers.

Numerous scientific studies (Addy, McManus Tubéry, Burka) were carried out to study the active ingredients of Desmodium adscendens. Thus we find tryptamine derivatives, flavonoids (vitexin and isovitexin) and saponins (soyasaponins).

Human liverThese active ingredients have a high efficiency, because the usual symptoms (fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, yellow skin, etc..) disappear at a spectacular speed, highlighting the hepato-regenerative power plant. Biological parameters (transaminases, gamma GT, bilirubin...) normalize with time savings of 20-50% in comparison with untreated cases with Desmodium. In the case of severe hepatitis, for example, there is a normalization of liver transaminases within the first month of treatment. In viral hepatitis, Desmodium adscendens does not attack the virus directly involved, but it prevents the destruction of liver cells. Also, it has been studied and proved to work on reducing the production of highly inflammatory lipid complexes.

Because of its hepatoprotective effect, Desmodium is a great help in all cases of chemotherapy, even in the prevention of iatrogenic risks as a result of the combination of various synthetic drugs, such as neuroleptics, hypnotics, psychotropics, antiviral drugs or birth control pills. Similarly, it can be very useful against alcoholism (removing, of course, alcohol consumption) and exposure to such toxic solvents or paints containing toluene, benzene or trichlorethylene, for example.

Finally, the results obtained by scientists Addy and Burka suggest that Desmodium has many active substances which inhibit smooth muscles contraction airway, which can be widely utilized in case of allergy and asthma.

DesmodiumDesmodium adscendens is available commercially in various galenics forms: dry plant, capsules, tincture, extract... The lack of toxicity of the plant has been demonstrated, but it can have a laxative effect at high doses. It is best to consult your doctor or therapist to determine the appropriate dose in each case.

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